Thursday, January 1, 2009

7 Things and Pop-Tastic

I’ve been tagged for the “7” things meme by Ed Shepherd from Learning to Collaborate. The idea is to share "7" things about you that readers of your blog wouldn't know about you unless you told them.
1. I have a twin sister who is also religious sister. She is a Franciscan nun. I call her sister – sister. She likes that better than penguin. Even though we didn’t grow up in Peoria in a funny way we now live a few blocks apart. Her convent is around the corner in West Peoria a lovely town referred to by locals as the “Catholic Ghetto”.
2. In a former job I worked with a soybean option group on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. I loved it but felt compelled to work in education. I still trade commodities on the side to make some extra scratch and I manage a handful of accounts for friends and family. I also teach our seniors every year about futures markets and how they work. We have a great time with the “PND futures project”.
3. I’ve driven a cab in the summers to make extra money. It’s a cash business and actually pays surprisingly well. The hours were a little rough 6 pm to 6 am and all but I did have a great time while doing it.
4. I love when telemarketers call I really do. I have so much fun with them. It cracks my wife up and makes my kids snort chocolate milk out their noses. I try to be nice as I play with them but it is a stitch to watch.
5. I attended Wabash College and changed my major four times. Biology to psychology to economics and finally theology. Wabash is a small liberal arts school in Crawfordsville Indiana and it is one of two all-male colleges left in the United States. Wabash also has the longest school song you’ve ever heard of. I played football and baseball there although “play” is a strong verb for my contribution to the team.
6. I’m only 31. People give me a hard time for being a principal at this age. They might be right. My hair is already turning white and I enjoy the endless parade of calls at home about non-important issues. I’m getting an unlisted number. But I love what I do and find it incredibly challenging and stimulating.
7. My kids are better dancers than me hands down. I’m a really, really, really, awful dancer. I agreed to dance the tango in last year’s spring musical play. In the second showing I fell on my ass and tried to sell it as if it was scripted. Thankfully it has been captured on video for all to see.
I’m supposed to pass this along and tag 7 others but to be honest I’m on the late end of the tagging and now that I’m it as I look around most the bloggers I can find have already been tagged. If you haven't been tagged then "tag" you're it.


That’s right I’ve been nominated by Paul for a pop-tastic award for having an intriguing blog with a small but growing audience. Thanks for the props and as part of being the receiver I will pass the award along to the following six bloggers who always keep me stimulated and coming back for more. I read a lot of great education blogs but part of pop-tastic is choosing blogs that you don’t find on everyone’s blog roll. They are:
Claire Thompson
Jan Borelli
Michael Parent
Mike Smith
Ed Shepherd
Bill Farren


Ed Shepherd said...

Thanks for sharing some information about yourself. It has been great to get to know you and I look forward to sharing and learning from you in the coming years.

Bill Farren said...

Hello Charlie. Thanks for the tag and continuous support.
I would have never guessed you were 31!! I was thinking you were close to retirement age. (Probably due to the fact of your previous career, current job, and sage comments.)

Happy new year.

Clay said...

Fun to read, Charlie.

Like Bill, I too was surprised by your age. When we talked on Skype yesterday, I almost snorted chocolate milk through my own nose when I realized you weren't nearing 65. And I wasn't even drinking chocolate milk.

And yes, your blog is indeed Poptastic.

Charlie Roy said...

Never realized I cam off like an old man. But then again I do wake up at a very early hour, hate crowds, and go to be around nine. I also take a lot of naps so I suppose the perception is deserved.

Mike Parent said...

Thank you for the recognition Charlie. I really appreciate it.

31 isn't so bad - I'm only 36 and people, too, think I am so young to be a principal. Youngbloods.

I would love to work one on one with you or your school soon. Remember that Economics project you wanted to do? Give me a year. I have a group of fine teachers putting a course together for the 2010 school year (things move much lower in public schools). In any case, maybe some other collaborative projects could be in the works. I'll keep you informed. You do the same.

On to the second semester of the principalship.

Claire Thompson said...

Thanks for the Pop-Tastic award nomination, Charlie, I really appreciate it. I've enjoyed checking out the other folks you nominated; all but one are new to me.

The "7 Things" meme has been pretty fun. It makes all those people I'm reading seem more real; helping to build those connections.

Thanks again, and all the best in the new year!

Anonymous said...

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