Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Fail or not to Fail

As we approach the end of the trimester w enter that lovely do or die time for a number of students. As with any school a certain number are in danger of failing a course here or a course there. This is the lovely age old issue in a school of how lenient should a single instructor be or not be. We all want students to succeed but of course they need to take the initiative. It is their learning.

As a kid I always enjoyed watching the Bells of St. Mary's with my dad during the Christmas season. The scene linked below was always one of his favorites and it tended to make a certain mark on me as well.


This little clip always makes me reflect on the bigger value or purpose of education. Sure the subject specific learning is important. But if most of us think back to our days in primary and secondary school we probably remember more about who the people were that taught us than the content specific information. The strength of our school rests not only in academic excellence and ACT aggregate scores, or state championships, but also in surrounding our young people with adults who we place our faith in - adults worth emulating. Men and women that act with fairness and integrity who have standards and work to push our students to give their best are at the core of any good school. This video cuts to the core of what it means to balance justice with mercy. Always a difficult task.

Enjoy the video in light of finals this week. I hope you enjoy this thought provoking clip.


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