Monday, September 13, 2010

Affinity for Technology

Susie sent me a link to this video and I must say I find it rather intriguing. Dr. Sugata Mitra ran an experiment in which he dropped off web connected computers into poor areas in India and other countries and simply gave the children tasks of learning on their own. Take a look at the results by watching the video here.

It amazes me but I don't really find it surprising. Core to our nature as human beings is the desire to learn. We are all natural learners. The internet just provides all the material we could ever need at the tips of our fingers. Information at one time was scarce. Today it abounds and grows. How does the role of a teacher shift in an era characterized by instant information?. I'd argue the teacher becomes even more important on many levels. Teaching in this environment involves more work in the set up for learning but less in the delivery. There is just too much great information to point learners towards as opposed to presuming we have all the answers.

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