Monday, September 6, 2010

Benefits of Starting Later

We are now two weeks into a later start time. We've moved from 7:55 to 8:30. Personally I'm enjoying the extra time in the morning. Eating a decent breakfast, getting in some much needed prayer, and doing the daily workout has made life much more enjoyable and productive. Below are some added links about the benefits of a later start time.

From the Wall Street Journal: Study looked at a boarding school that pushed back their start time to 8:30

From the LA Times: This article looks at a study of the achievement gains in later starting schools.

From the Lawrence Journal in Kansas: This one looks at a state wide study supporting the push for later start times for high schoolers.

On another note I couldn't resist sharing this lovely video. As we move more deeply into our 1:1 computing model we really have the chance to do some amazing creative work. I'm not sure we could match the work below but I'm sure we have students that are just as creative. Enjoy.


Ann Oro said...

Thanks for sharing the video. It will be a great way to talk about digital storytelling this year.

Charlie Roy said...

@ Ann
I will say it is a rather entertaining video. I also like the one that came out a few years ago detailing the difference between a suburban Australian teen agers life and that of a child living in poverty in Africa. Pretty stunning use of digital storytelling. I'll see If I can find the link.

Ann Oro said...

I just thought I'd mention I shared the video. It gave them food for thought as far as images, sound, and story go. I'd be interested in the other video if you ever find the link. Thanks!